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How Often Should I Book a Brake Fluid Change?

A brake fluid change is one part of vehicle maintenance which we often forget but it’s far too important to ignore. The only warning light you see usually means your car is running low on brake fluid – and that’s far more dangerous than forgetting to... Read More

20th March 2020

An MOT checklist to help improve your chances of passing first time

Hearing the news that your car has failed its MOT is one of the worst feelings we can experience as drivers. So, what if we told you a large proportion of MOT failures can be avoided? Following this simple MOT checklist increases your chances of pass... Read More

20th February 2020

The importance of a clutch replacement – don’t put it off!

Unwanted vehicle problems can be a nightmare for drivers, especially if something as important as your clutch begins to go wrong. You might think you can deal with a slightly sticky or slipping clutch until your next MOT or service but that’s absolut... Read More

21st January 2020

Why you should Book a Wheel Alignment Appointment before Christmas

If you’re driving home for Christmas, you want to make sure you get there safely. What Chris Rea didn’t sing about was your wheel alignment and its important role in the process. While it might not be a smash hit, it’s worth making your car’s wheel a... Read More

11th December 2019

Three Common Mistakes to Avoid when Fitting a Spare Tyre

Knowing how to fit a spare tyre is a handy life skill as punctures and flat tyres can happen at any time, but do you know how to do it safely and efficiently? There are a few mistakes you can make when fitting a spare tyre so, to avoid a potentially ... Read More

14th October 2019

How to keep your car moving this Autumn

The transition from Summer to Autumn is one of the most difficult for you and your car to adjust to. Longer nights, colder temperatures and the gloom are all factors we’d rather ignore but, when it comes to your car, it needs some preparation to keep... Read More

14th October 2019

Should I Book a Diagnostic Test for My Car?

We often wait until the worst happens before addressing any problems with our cars but treating them similarly to ourselves can help prevent problems before they become expensive. Here at FSC Service Centre in Enfield, we offer a comprehensive diagno... Read More

6th September 2019

How Much Does an Air-Con Regas Cost?

If you’re looking for the price of an air-con regas chances are you’re looking to get it done at your local garage for the best possible price. However, it’s important to know why you need to get it done in the first place, and whether it’s even a re... Read More

27th August 2019

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