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How Often Should I Book a Brake Fluid Change?

A brake fluid change is one part of vehicle maintenance which we often forget but it’s far too important to ignore. The only warning light you see usually means your car is running low on brake fluid – and that’s far more dangerous than forgetting to change it. Here at FSC Service Centre in Enfield, we’ve created a short guide which explains when you should book your next brake fluid change and why it’s so important that you do so.

How often should I replace my brake fluid?

The usual interval is once every two years. We always check your manufacturer’s schedule during a car service in case yours is due, but you shouldn’t just rely on this schedule. Sometimes, your brake fluid becomes contaminated and this is only resolved by a brake fluid change.

If you notice problems under braking, dark brown or black brake fluid or lumps floating on the surface of your brake fluid, book a brake fluid change as soon as possible.

But that’s not all.

Why does my car tell me something different?

Your vehicle handbook may tell you that you need a brake fluid change more or less often. Some manufacturers recommend changing the brake fluid every 20,000 miles; some, every 3-4 years. Why is that?

There are several different types of brake fluid: DOT 3, 4, 5 and 5.1. They all have unique properties and you should always use the recommended type of brake fluid for your car. This means each type of brake fluid absorbs moisture at a different rate. Too much moisture reduces the boiling point of your brake fluid and, as a result, its effectiveness.

That’s why monitoring your brake fluid and sticking to the recommended intervals are so important.

Always monitor your brake fluid and book a change when you need it

Problems can develop at any time and a simple visual inspection is all it takes to avoid dangerous problems.

Brake Fluid Tank

Brake fluid is the most important part of the braking system. It transfers the pressure you place on the brake pedal onto the slave cylinder, which operates the brakes. If there’s no pressure, or reduced efficiency due to contamination or excess moisture, you won’t stop as quickly.

That’s why it’s always worth booking a brake fluid change more often than necessary, rather than not at all. If you suspect yours is contaminated or feel a reduction in the quality of your brakes, don’t wait until the recommended interval. Book a quality brake fluid change in Enfield with FSC Service Centre today. For a quick and hassle-free booking experience, book online today!