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The importance of a clutch replacement – don’t put it off!

Unwanted vehicle problems can be a nightmare for drivers, especially if something as important as your clutch begins to go wrong. You might think you can deal with a slightly sticky or slipping clutch until your next MOT or service but that’s absolutely not the case! A clutch replacement should be carried out as soon as you notice the problem and here’s why.

Look out for these warning signs you need a clutch replacement

A faulty clutch can make your life a lot more difficult than it needs to be. If you notice your clutch vibrating when you’re driving along, it feels spongey or loose, it squeaks when you change gear or you’ve noticed that you struggle selecting certain gears, book a clutch replacement as soon as possible. Moreover, if your car slips out of gear or struggles to accelerate when you put your foot down, your clutch could be coming to the end of its life as well.

A clutch has a finite lifespan, as with everything. While it should last between 50,000 and 100,000 miles, it will need replacing at some point during your car’s life. And, when it does need replacing, it’s important you don’t waste any time.

Your clutch gives you control over your car

Your clutch is important for a number of different reasons. It helps with changing gear, slowing down to a stop and moving away. A faulty clutch will limit your control over a manual car, causing safety issues. When your clutch stops working altogether, you won’t be able to drive at all. A manual car relies on the clutch, so you won’t be going anywhere without it. Enquire about a clutch replacement long before that becomes a problem.

Don’t let problems get worse

If you’re struggling with any of these problems, the worst thing you can do is ignore them. A faulty clutch will only degrade more and more until your car becomes undrivable. A clutch replacement is the best solution for you.

Here at FSC Service Centre, we do all we can to get you back on the roads quickly and efficiently. We’ll take care to restore your vehicle and let you get back to doing what you love. Our specialist clutch replacements are available at the most affordable prices and are delivered to the highest standards in our garage in Enfield. If you need a clutch replacement, don’t put it off – why not enquire about yours online today? You’ll soon see an improvement.