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Why you should Book a Wheel Alignment Appointment before Christmas

A snowy road

If you’re driving home for Christmas, you want to make sure you get there safely. What Chris Rea didn’t sing about was your wheel alignment and its important role in the process. While it might not be a smash hit, it’s worth making your car’s wheel alignment your Christmas number one this year.

Your wheel alignment can suffer over the winter

Winter is tough on your car, especially if you drive along poorly maintained roads or through bad weather. Hitting potholes and kerbs can have a significant impact on your wheel alignment as they knock your wheels out of line, reducing your control over your steering. If you’re planning a long road trip to see family on Christmas Day or you’re heading away for the New Year, it’s essential that you can rely on your car and arrive safely.

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is the coordination between your wheels, the road and the central line of your car. All three are designed to work together seamlessly and provide a comfortable driving experience. If one of more of your wheels aren’t pulling in the right direction, no matter how slight the deviation, you might end up drifting across the road or feel vibrations in the steering wheel. If you notice these signs this winter, your best bet is to book a wheel alignment appointment.

How can I solve my problem?

Here at FSC Service Centre, we offer a speedy service to realign your wheels and get you back on the roads in time for Christmas. We’ll test your current wheel alignment using specialist equipment and then realign any wheels which have been knocked out of place. What’s more, you won’t have to break the bank so close to Christmas as all our wheel alignment services are incredibly affordable, no matter the season.

If you think you’d benefit from this fantastic service this Christmas, why not book online with FSC Service Centre in Enfield today? Our wheel alignment services only take about an hour and you’ll have complete peace of mind about your ability to enjoy Christmas without any car related issues.