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An MOT checklist to help improve your chances of passing first time

Hearing the news that your car has failed its MOT is one of the worst feelings we can experience as drivers. So, what if we told you a large proportion of MOT failures can be avoided? Following this simple MOT checklist increases your chances of passing your MOT the first time. Read on to find out how.

The first and most important check on your MOT checklist is your lights

The most common cause of MOT failure is a faulty bulb. Over 17% of all MOT fails every year are due to this! To prevent this, walk round your car with all your lights switched on and make sure all the bulbs work and shine brightly. With your foot on the brake pedal, get someone to stand behind your car to make sure your brake lights work as well. If any bulbs are dim or faulty, ensure you change them before your MOT test.

Visibility is highly important as well

Whilst you’re sat in the driver’s seat, make sure your visibility is clear. There shouldn’t be any cracks or chips in your windscreen or mirrors, and you should be able to see clearly out of the windscreen. As well as that, check that all your seatbelts restrain you properly and are free from any damage. Then check your horn to make sure it makes a loud and clear noise.

Fluid top ups should always be on your MOT checklist

After that, open up the bonnet and check your oil and screen wash. If the fluid in your screen wash reservoir is closer to the minimum line than the maximum, top it up! Water will do if you just need to get through your MOT, but proper diluted screen wash is much better.

To check your oil, pull out your dipstick, wipe it with a clean cloth, insert it all the way back in and then pull it out to check the oil level. Once again, if it’s near the minimum line, top it up with the right oil for your car. Always make sure to carry this out when your engine is cold. You won’t get accurate results otherwise. If you need any additional help, just check your car’s handbook. Everything you need to know about checking your oil is in there.

Simple tyre checks are a great place to finish

The final step on your MOT checklist is to check your tyres. They should be free from damage, punctures and frayed rubber because those are really dangerous! As well as that, your tread depth should be more than 1.6 mm deep. To test this, place a 20 pence piece in all the grooves of your tyres. If you can see the entire inner rim of the coin across most of the grooves on one or more tyres, they need replacing. Shallow tyre depth is no good to anyone and will fail your MOT.

Completing this simple to follow MOT checklist will boost your car’s chances of passing first time. It might not be able to spot every problem your car could have, but it certainly goes a long way towards securing that all important pass certificate. If your MOT is due and you need a reliable garage in Enfield for your appointment, book online with FSC Service Centre today!