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Three Common Mistakes to Avoid when Fitting a Spare Tyre

A person fitting a tyre

Knowing how to fit a spare tyre is a handy life skill as punctures and flat tyres can happen at any time, but do you know how to do it safely and efficiently? There are a few mistakes you can make when fitting a spare tyre so, to avoid a potentially dangerous situation, here are a few tips to help improve your tyre fitting confidence.

Find a safe place to park before fitting the spare tyre

You don’t need to stop as soon as you notice your flat tyre unless it’s safe and legal to do so. If you’re on a dangerous road, slow right down and drive with your hazards on until you can find somewhere convenient to stop. We recommend driving that little bit further and risking a small amount of damage on the rim of your tyre rather than risking your life by stopping somewhere dangerous. If you need to fit a spare tyre on a motorway hard shoulder, assess how confident you would feel doing so before you begin.

Find the right jacking point on your car

This is crucial. If the jack isn’t in the right place, the car won’t be supported well enough and could slip off. This could cause some serious damage so always check your owner’s manual for the correct place to position your jack. Always ensure the jack is positioned securely and that the car is stable before beginning to fit the spare tyre.

Don’t try and fit the spare tyre without the right equipment

Always make sure you have everything you need to fit the tyre correctly before you begin the process. We recommend that you carry a jack, a high-vis jacket, a locking wheel nut and a warning triangle in your car at all times, just in case you develop a puncture. These are the basics needed to fit a spare tyre but, as more and more cars come without a spare included as standard, always make sure you have one of those as well. They’re usually stored under the carpet in the boot. If it’s a thin space-saver tyre, remember you can’t drive faster than 50 mph with one fitted to your car.

If you’re ever in doubt about your ability to fit a spare tyre, seek professional help as soon as possible. However, successfully fitting the spare isn’t the end of the road. You should always book an appointment with FSC Service Centre in Enfield, especially if your spare tyre is a space saver. If you’ve recently fitted a spare tyre, or think one of yours needs replacing, why not book online today?