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How Much Does an Air-Con Regas Cost?

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If you’re looking for the price of an air-con regas chances are you’re looking to get it done at your local garage for the best possible price. However, it’s important to know why you need to get it done in the first place, and whether it’s even a re-gassing that you need.

How Does Your Air Conditioning Work?

Most people assume that air conditioning is just blowing out cold air through the vents, however, the AC system actually manipulates the refrigerant within the system to control the temperature. There are five main components that make up your car’s air conditioning system, which include: Compressor, Condenser, Receiver-dryer, Expansion valve, and the Evaporator. Each of these components play a part in manipulating the refrigerant to determine whether it blows out cool air, or warm air.

The refrigerant is inside the compressor and when you turn your AC on, it travels through to the condenser as a gas. However, fresh air from outside of the car passes over the condenser, turning the gas into liquid form. The liquid refrigerant then passes through what’s known as the driver, removing any impurities from the refrigerant. It then travels to the expansion valve - which is basically what the driver controls. When you decide what temperature to have the air conditioning on, you’re limiting the amount of the liquid refrigerant that’s able to pass through. The liquid is then turned into vapour and blown out as cool air through your car’s vents as it’s passed through evaporation coils. The vapour - now back in a gas state returns back to the compressor to repeat the same process. Simple, right?

How Do You Know When Your Air Con Needs Re-gassing?

It’s a good question, and one many people ask. However, it becomes obvious when it’s time for an air con re-gas. The majority of the time your air con won’t suddenly stop working, it happens over time. When you first bought the car the AC was powerfly blowing out cool, fresh air…but 2 years on you’ve noticed it’s getting worse and worse. Maybe you’re on the way to the beach in the summer and you turn your AC on to find that it’s just blowing warm air in your face (which isn’t a nice feeling at all!) This usually means it’s time for an air con re-gas, unless there are other issues with the system, like a leak for example. However, it’s most likely that the refrigerant just needs replacing.

What’s Involved in an Air Con Re-gas?

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At FSC Service Centre, we make sure that before replacing the refrigerant inside your AC system, we will check for any leaks or damages to the system, to save you money in the long run. However, if it’s all fine and it is a re-gas that needs doing then we’ll do just that. It involves removing the old refrigerant with new refrigerant, which is a relatively simple process, however we recommend that you get it done by a reliable garage instead of doing it yourself as if it’s done incorrectly, can cause expensive faults in the future.

How Much Does An Air Con Re-gas Cost?

An air conditioning re-gas costs £99 at FSC Service Centre. Our technicians carry out every job professionally and efficiently, and it’s no different when it comes to an air con re-gas.

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When Should You Use Your Air Conditioning?

A lot of people think you’ll only need to use your air conditioning in the spring / summer. However, it’s actually important to use it all year round to prevent the system from seizing up and needing any preventable repairs. It’s also used to de-mist windows during the winter. However, if you’re only using it in the winter to de-mist your windows, that might not be enough to prevent it from seizing up. Turning it on for a few minutes whilst driving will ensure that the air conditioning system is still being used frequently.