Three Common Mistakes to Avoid when Fitting a Spare Tyre

Knowing how to fit a spare tyre is a handy life skill as punctures and flat tyres can happen at any time, but do you know how to do it safely and efficiently? There are a few mistakes you can make when fitting a spare tyre so, to avoid a potentially dangerous situation, here are... Read More

How to keep your car moving this Autumn

The transition from Summer to Autumn is one of the most difficult for you and your car to adjust to. Longer nights, colder temperatures and the gloom are all factors we’d rather ignore but, when it comes to your car, it needs some preparation to keep you going through whatever the months ahead throw at... Read More

Should I Book a Diagnostic Test for My Car?

We often wait until the worst happens before addressing any problems with our cars but treating them similarly to ourselves can help prevent problems before they become expensive. Here at FSC Service Centre in Enfield, we offer a comprehensive diagnostic check which acts like a visit to your local GP. But is it worth it?... Read More

How Much Does an Air-Con Regas Cost?

If you’re looking for the price of an air-con regas chances are you’re looking to get it done at your local garage for the best possible price. However, it’s important to know why you need to get it done in the first place, and whether it’s even a re-gassing that you need. How Does Your... Read More