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Wheel Alignment

Correct your wheel alignment for a smoother drive

Smooth your drive

When was the last time you inspected the condition of your wheel alignment? A common occurrence and an inspection required over time to realign the wheel alignment. Easily knocked out of place, your vehicle’s wheel alignment can be damaged from potholes and driving into curbs. When you bring your vehicle down to FSC Service Centre, our experienced team can restore the wheel alignment using specialist equipment. If your vehicle is pulling more to one side, tyres on one side of the vehicle may be wearing quicker. It’s important to get your vehicle’s wheel alignment restored, and our friendly mechanics at FSC Service Centre are more than happy to help you out.

Reduced running costs

Booking your vehicle in for a wheel alignment can save you money in the future. By having the wheel alignment restored, you can reduce the amount of petrol you use and the need to purchase tyres more frequently. This is because a vehicle with misaligned wheel alignment will struggle to drive smoothly, using more petrol to run the car and wearing the tyres on the side the vehicle pulls too.

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Specialist 4-wheel laser alignment equipment

When you bring your vehicle in for a wheel alignment at FSC Service Centre, you can be confident inaccurate results. We use only the latest specialist 4-wheel laser alignment equipment to check the condition. All our services and repairs have been priced accurately at an affordable price, we believe this gives everyone the opportunity to restore their car and continue to remain safe on the roads.

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If your vehicle is no longer continuing to drive straight and has become tiring to drive, make a change and book a diagnostic test. By bringing your vehicle down to FSC Service Centre in Enfield, our experienced team can conduct the required inspections and repairs to get you driving smoothly on the roads once again. We use the latest specialist equipment and promise accurate results every time at an affordable price. To book a wheel alignment service at our friendly garage, contact our team or use our online booking tool today.

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